Toke Up For A Tune

I don’t bun often; you could even classify me as a lightweight. It’s mainly out of choice. If you know me well, you know my obstinate need for self-control. This is a result of my methodological approach to gambling (especially poker) when I was young. I was taught to control a pot, and to dictate everyone’s action. It’s one of the fundamental principles I still implement in my life and poker.

However at University I explored more, as everyone does. It’s the stage in your life where you try and comprehend who you are. Suffice to say, I did enjoy playing Fifa and listening to music when baked.

So I’m probably the least qualified person to write this article, because I’m not as adventurous as someone of my friends. But I thought I’d examine a few songs that have brought up a plethora of emotions out of me while I was high.

Cream – Tales of Brave Ulysses

A classic right? I honestly don’t know! That’s not a rhetorical question! Please tell me! For me it just makes so much sense. The random imagery in the lyrics, incredible repetitive beat and up-and-down emotions must make it a classic.

I’m not great with musical terminology, so please forgive me music buffs! But the way the drum infuses with the guitar is magical and hypnotising. You’re aware they are separate, however completely connected. And this is enhanced even more when you’re high.

Cream really has two anthems for hippies to get high to. The other song is from one of my favourite films, Goodfellas. Yes I’m of course talking about the graceful Sunshine Of Your Love. However I have always been mesmerised with the imagery of Tales Of Brave Ulysses and how it captivates you while creating a mini movie in your head.

I highly recommend listening to this song, high or not, if you haven’t already.

Bombay Bicycle Club – How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep 

We hit the Indie scene much faster than I thought! This is also one of my favourite songs to listen to whilst on a road trip or on a long National Railway train rides. This song also highlights the fluctuating type of songs I listen to when I’m high.

It’s warm, sweet and makes me think about love. I have no idea where the lyrics for this song come from. To me it’s about someone fighting to keep their relationship relevant, because they have been going through the motions.

If I ever listen to this song, I lay down on the ground (the last time was at Hyde Park during a pretty nice Tinder date) and just think about all my failed relationships! Yay, I’m unloveable! Great times.

But I just love how simple the song is, and the instrument used makes me feel so warm inside. The slow build up and the repetitive lyrics create a paradox. I think we all feel that in a relationship. I’ve only ever had one relationship when every conversation was new and fresh no matter what the subject matter was. We could have the same conversation topic but it would always be with a new insight. But most of the time, in relationships, we try rushing things because we know it’s inevitably going to fail. We want to fuck before we actually know their soul. We want to go on trips before we know who they really are. Are we even looking for happiness? Or are we looking for someone to numb the pain of loneliness? These are the types of things I think about when it comes to this song! I suggest you listen and enlighten yourself!

Pixies – Where Is My Mind

Okay, I was torn by which version I should discuss. While generally speaking, the rule of law states that the originally is always better than the cover version. However there are exceptions to that rule.

Amy Winehouse and Valerie is a perfect example of a song being elevated. That’s not supposed to be an insult to The Zutons. But Amy’s voice is a transcendent entity. She made the song her own, and I’m sure The Zutons are very happy with the royalties they are paid for all of Amy’s commercial success. But I digress.

The cover I am torn between is Placebo’s version.

Both are amazing. Both implicitly construct arbitrary fantasies. Do you even know you’re there? Is this song real? Maybe I’m juxtapositioning the song with the film Fight Club (yes I realise I get a lot of my music for TV shows and movies. Fuck you.). However the film and the song are not antithetical to each other. They immerse as one.

This song makes me think about my own personal world; how I strive for a utopian ideal that will never come to fruition. Isn’t life supposed to be simple? Do we add roadblocks to our lives just for entertainment value?

I think that’s the best part of being high. You question your own disposition. You challenge your own ideals. I guess that’s another reason why I’ve never been a frequent user, because I’m always overthinking who I am anyway. Why enhance it?

The Beatles – Tomorrow Never Knows

Now I know this is a classic. This song was one of the first, most notorious songs from the psychedelic rock genre. Tomorrow Never Knows accentuated how revolutionary The Beatles were, and how their grip on the world was not formative but divine. But I have a confession to make.

My confession is that I have never gotten high to this song. I love The Beatles; however they aren’t on the proverbial playlist when I get high. I assume it would be great to be on LSD, and listen to old vinyl records of this. The distortion of the tape loops creates a unique sound, which makes your head spin a little.

The parallel syntax in the lyrics structure also cultivates a sense of forward motion – emotionally and spiritually. You find yourself waiting for the lyrics to come, because deep down you know what they are going to be yet you are still in astonishment when they come.

I would love it if someone put down, in the comment section, their experience of listening to this song while high. Hopefully in the near-future I will be able to edit this article, and write about my own experience.

The National – Bloodbuzz Ohio

 This may be one of the greatest songs ever produced by The National. And that’s a significant achievement because there are so many staggeringly profound tracks that The National have constructed.

The last time I got high, which was in late 2016, I cried to this song. There is an emptiness within me that may never be filled. It’s both an emotional and spiritual quandary, which Bloodbuzz Ohio manipulates in the best way possible. That feeling is even stronger when you’re high.

There is a systemic feeling of nostalgia within our society currently. Politically we are told, by the mainstream media, that things were better during 70’s under pure, unadulterated conservatism. Socially we are told that LGBT rights, multiculturalism and advanced human rights are the reason our civilisation and economy is failing. We are constantly looking back in the past to find our happiness, instead of looking to the future.

Individually we are caught up in the same nostalgia. Personally, I am constantly looking for love from sources that never provided it. I am clinging on to memories of love, and affection that have faded away. Ohio Bloodbuzz reminds me of those feeling, however it teaches me to move on. It’s hard, and I struggle to move on at times. But that’s a ‘me problem’.

If you love Indie/alternative music, and love to bun, then this song will entice you. This song will grip you. This song will emit emotions, you never knew you had.

Be responsible, but enjoy your life. Good luck and good night.

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