Should We Stay, Or Should We Go?

I think this Clash song should be the anthem for the EU referendum!

Not many will read this, I know! This isn’t a post that is trying to persuade people to vote according to my philosophy. There are great reasons for leaving the EU. There are great reasons for staying. Your perception of the world and your upbringing will shape your vote. But I argue all voting (you all should be voting) to make your decision based on the most accurate facts. We are all inherently biased especially politicians so don’t listen to them. Listen to experts; economists, historians etc. No we can’t predict what life will be after we leave the EU. Economic forecasting is flawed. The economy is not machine. But England will suffer for a while no doubt. But it may be able to prosper after that. Here are a few reasons for both sides of the argument:

Should I Stay?

1) The EU is crucial to the lives of the working class. There is a legislation installed called the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. This is what saves us from discrimination (not being able to get a job if you’re a homosexual or disabled). It Guarantees us protection from bad working conditions, it allows us to have work breaks, paid vacation, maternity leave and maximum hours worked. But for me the best thing the charter does is allow us to join trade unions. Ask you parents about how Margret Thatcher treated hard working people in 80’s. Without Unions we wouldn’t be able to have a minimum wage that you can actually live off. We wouldn’t be able to get our fair share of the profits made by corporations via collective bargaining. Some would argue that “well of course we’d just make new laws about these stuff”. Have you seen how Jeremy Hunt treats Nurses and Doctors? Have you seen how Nicky Morgan treats our Teachers? Have you heard about how Michael Gove and Boris Johnson want to privatise the NHS and make us pay for it? The Conservatives cannot be trusted with our rights.

2) Like Biggie said, “Cash rules everything around me”. That’s why we need jobs. 1 in 10 jobs are directly linked to our membership with the EU. That’s about 3.5 Million jobs. Right now it’s really hard to get a good job. Like insanely hard. However our government tells us that unemployment is down to a record low 7 percent! Wow! How come we are still using austerity measures then? Oh right, because of Zero hour contracts. Zero hour contracts are jobs where you are not guaranteed any hours to work. So you could effectively work Zero hours a month and the government will say you’re employed. I’ve worked 4 Zero hour jobs in the past 12 months. They are great for under 18’s (who are considered students not unemployed) but not for 23 year olds in debt! Taking away 3.5 million jobs away from people would create an belligerent market places for jobs to become more hostile.

3) Remember when David Cameron’s cunt faced dad avoided paying his taxes? And then Cameron had the cheek to call working class people scavengers? That was so long ago right?! We can finally laugh about it! Wrong. We have a short memory. Tax avoidance is an issue that has been a cancer in our society since George Osborne made 3 major changes to corporate tax in 2011. The major change he made was that if a UK company runs is internal banking arrangement through an off shore tax haven subsidiary then that company would benefit from a special tax rate of 5.75% compared to the normal 23% they were supposed to pay. In 2013/14 an estimated 140 billion was lost because of tax avoidance. The EU is cracking down on Tax Havens, something that Cameron tried to stop in a letter he wrote to the EU in March, I believe. Staying in the EU helps regain our lost taxes.

Should I Go?

1) One acronym. TTIP. It should strike fear into your heart if you believe in democracy. It stands for the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership. Basically it means fuck you. TTIP is about reducing the regulatory boundaries to trade for big business. Things like food safety law, environmental legislation and banking regulations. This means the laws we have in place to stop greedy people making more money off our misery is in jeopardy. But the two major areas we should be concerned about our Privacy and Banks. TTIP through ATCA (sorry another fucking acronym) would allow our governments to track our online activity without a warrant or cause. Though the motion was defeated, it will still end up in the agreement trust me. Our government has already created the Snooper’s charter which checks our Facebook and Whatsapp messages. We don’t need more of that.

2) Now finally with the Banks. Our Banks are trying hard to loosen the regulations that were placed on them after what they did in 2007-2008 (the credit crunch). TTIP works to undermine our laws and remove those restrictions and effectively hand the power back to the corrupt bankers. Do we really want that?

3) A vote to stay is NOT a vote to reform the EU. That’s not the choice. I was discussing this with some friends who are voting to stay so we can hold the EU accountable for their undemocratic system. But that isn’t the choice we are facing. We are voting to leave the EU. Who elect people we have never heard to make laws that we never approved of. And I know people will say, “well we signed up for this 1973, so we were happy with it then” but England has always been reluctant to be a part of the EU. We still have the Sterling. Even Ireland has the Euro! What I am trying to say is that there is no guarantee that the EU will change its entire system for us. The likely hood isn’t very high.


Yes the argument to stay has more facts and figures. But the argument to leave is much more philosophical. I won’t tell you which one I advocate. But hopefully everyone knows why they will do, whatever they will do. As you can see I have not added immigration to either arguments because that is a debated that is very long. Remember that we are all brothers and sisters in humanity and we can disagree. Doesn’t make us right or wrong. It’s all subjective.

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