Centralized and Decentralized Terrorist Networks

So I have been asked, in the last few days, why bombing Syria is a bad thing? This question has been projected within the mainstream media too. First off this question is a very valid one. Don’t ever think a question isn’t worth asking because that is the only way you gain knowledge. However I will not answer this question in the same way others have. I will try and contend with it from a pragmatic point of view; antithetical to my arguments based on emotions and morality.

So why is bombing Syria useless? I mean we are killing terrorists. ISIS is an evil, diabolical and insidious organisation that needs to be destroyed. No question about that. We all want them gone. I’m not a pacifist, sometimes you gotta pull a trigger and slit a throat, so why am I against it?

The basic and brief reason is because a terrorist network like ISIS does not have a centralised power. It is decentralised. What does that mean? Well within a decentralised terrorist network there is no organisational hierarchy. This means attacks are wide spread and have their own autonomous implications. For instance we saw in horror and shock what happened in Paris. What has happened in Nigeria and Kenya? What do all of these dreadful events have in common? ISIS was responsible. And it wasn’t in Syria. ISIS has an ideological goal and borders and international jurisdictional are not an obstacle. ISIS can attack in London, Moscow or Paris tomorrow. And that is because of these networks. ISIS is ghost agency. They have sleeper cells and nodes all other the world. Something that Richard Medina at the University of Utah advocates with. So bombing ISIS is Syria will not defeat them but rather recruit more people to fight for ISIS, both in Syria and internationally.

Do our governments and the international community know this? Of course they do. So why do they continue with fighting ISIS in Syria when ISIS is a globalised institution? Well mainly cause western governments are of the realists’ ideology which detracts and represses any kind of social and intellectual progression. They want to keep the status quo but also seem like they are doing something. Public opinion shifts and they move up in the political ladder. It’s a big chess game. And we are the pawns. So how do we fight against this kind of oppression that affects our lives and our loved ones? Stay vigilante against bullshit. Don’t be deceived by your emotions and prejudices. Do not insulate yourself from the realities of the world, but engage yourself within political discourse. Do not be arrogant within how you speak to people, for people that seek knowledge are of the highest regards. But above everything, protect yourself. Protect yourself by being kind, by being loving and compassionate. Because unity and solidarity against those with vindictive agendas, is the best way we will survive.

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